Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bosnia: Total blockade of railway traffic in Federation BiH

Total blockade of traffic in “FBiH Railways” Company commenced on Wednesday morning.

Engine drivers initiated the blockade, due to ungrounded suspension of President of Engine Drivers’ Labor Union in FBiH, Vernes Buljugija.

Director General of “FBiH Railways”, Nedzad Osmanagic, suspended Buljugija on Tuesdays and filed request for initiation of disciplinary procedure due to serious violation of working obligations.

The company’s workers believe that, by this move, the company’s Management cynically wants to prevent functioning of the Labor Union and to hide facts about alarming situation in the company.

The Union of Engine Drivers – Machinist in FBiH points out it stands behind every statement previously stated for the media by the Union's President, and that it is time to stop with disrespecting and trampling of basic rights and dignity of workers at “FBiH Railways”.

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