Monday, August 1, 2011

Jovan Divjak is finally freed from Austrian detention and returns to Bosnia!

Austrian judiciary rejected on Friday a request for the extradition of Jovan Divjak to Serbia. In another political attempt by Serbia at equating guilt between all sides during the Bosnian war, Serbia continues to try to extradite Bosnian defenders who have been cleared by International Justice. The baseless acusations by Serbia against Ejup Ganic, Jovan Divjak and others who defended Bosnia is groundless and embarrassing for Serbia internationally.

Edin Becarevic, Secretary of Divjak’s Association "Education builds BiH" whose central office is in Sarajevo, said that Divjak’s arrival to Sarajevo is expected on this evening.

Divjak’s extradition was requested by Serbia and BiH. Request from Serbia was rejected, a request for extradition of Divjaka that was sent from BiH was not even considered because it was incomplete.

To remind, retired general of BiH Army, Jovan Divjak, was arrested on March 3rd at the airport in Vienna on the basis of warrant issued by Serbia because of "war crimes in Dobrovoljacka Street in Sarajevo in 1992".

He was released on bail from prison, and lived in Vienna where he was waiting for decision of Austrian judicial bodies on his extradition to BiH or Serbia.

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