Monday, August 29, 2011

BOSNIA: Abu Hamza former member of El Mujaheed during Bosnian war requests asylum

Abu Hamza asks for asylum in BH
Karaj Kamel bin Ali, known as Abu Hamza, has asked the BH government for asylum after he was deported from his homeland Tunisia.

Abu Hamza (45) is currently locked up in the Immigration Center in Lukavica, where awaits the BH government to make a decision regarding his deportation, Press writes.

The Chief of the Service for Foreigners' Affair, Dragan Mektić claims that Abu Hazma is not going to be deported to Tunisia for at least a couple of months and that he filed a request for political asylum only in order to delay his deportation from the country.

Mektić added that this is a case of abuse of the mechanisms of political asylum and that this isn't the only such case.

BH and the USA have put Bin Ali on the list of people who are a danger for national security a couple years ago, because of his connections to terrorist organizations.

He received BH citizenship after he took part in war operations as a member of the  "El Mujaheed", but it as taken from him afterward.

Police forces have released an information that he used 16 different names and nicknames during his stay in BH.

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