Thursday, August 11, 2011

Were are they now? Bosnian U16 team from 2007

It's hard to project what European kid who is 15-16 years old and has hardly played will end up becoming in the future. It is even harder when they don't come from structured basketball schools and are sound fundamentally going into their late teen early twenties. I will look back on some previous Bosnian youth selection teams and look at what has become of them and what the future may or may not hold for them...


Of the 12 players from this team only five are still playing basketball in any of a significant way. One still has star potential, or at least to be a quality player in a mid to high level European league (Miralem Halilovic). The other four have had star crossed paths so far...
Miralem Halilovic By far the biggest talent to come out of his 1991 class. Miralem hasn't developed as fast as some had hoped. He still looks like he will be a good quality European level player, just not on par with Mirza Teletovic as some projected (wrongly). Miralem looks like a poor mans Emir Preldzic, who looks like a poor mans Dejan Bodigora, who was a poor mans Toni Kukoc. Far removed from the latter, Miralem looks like he will have a solid career in Europe and could  be special if he learns to shoot from the outside.

Ali Demic Still considered to have some upside because of his shooting, hasn't established himself on his team KK CELIK ZENICA. He is a rotation player, but is still plagued by inconsistency and should be dominating at this point against his level of competition. Didn't make Bosnia's U20 squad this summer, a surprise considering how weak it was.

Nermin Buza Still considered a young prospect of note for KK BOSNA ASA, he was dreadful this summer in the U20 B Division competition, not a good sign of potential for Nermin. His brother Nedim was a revelation for this years edition. KK BOSNA doesn't seem to know what to do with young players, preferring a communist system were players don't start getting serious consideration until 22-25, hardly a prospect age in Europe.

Nebojsa Andelic Nebojsa is athletic, skilled and lazy. He was voted the Newcomer of the year by a couple of years ago for Bosnia (a honor he didn't deserve). Nebojsa has bounced around a lot for a young player with talent. He also has played around with Bosnian youth selection teams saying he was going to play for Serbia (when it was clear he didn't have the talent to do so)...If he is serious about a basketball career he needs to get serious now. He is now in the US chasing the American dream at an American college.

Nikola Gajic Nikola played well this summer in the U20 championships for Bosnia. If he develops further (not a long shot considering were he has come from already) he could turn himself into a decent journeyman European shooting guard.

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