Monday, August 8, 2011

Bosnia: Police arrest 24 for attacking Roma settlement near Sarajevo

Police arrest 24 for attacking Roma settlement near Sarajevo
Canton Sarajevo MoI Support Unit was safeguarding two Roma families in Kozine Bare village near Hadžići, after Bosniaks from Osenik had brutally attacked Romas and demolished their houses and a car.

During a mass fight, which broke out in Kozine Bare late Saturday night, Avdija Ramović (63) received life-threatening injuries, while Gringo Ramović and Mirsada Omerović were slightly injured.

According to Canton Sarajevo Police, the attackers used physical force, stones and wooden clubs to damage houses and a car belonging to the Romas. Police initially arrested 24 persons from Osenik, and eventually kept nine in custody.

“Police have submitted criminal reports against 24 persons for violent behaviour, causing general danger and inflicting both serious and light bodily injuries. Four persons have been handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office, which will on Tuesday decide on further steps in the investigation,” said Spokesperson for the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office Jasmina Omičević.

Residents of Osenik claim, however, that the Romas provoked the incident. Gringo Ramović was allegedly totally drunk when he entered a billiard club and beat a child.

Then the men from Orsenik went to the Roma village to discuss that, but the Romas started throwing stones and other items, after which a mass fight broke out.

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