Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chicago Bulls draft pick Nikola Mirotic was amazing for Spain at U20 basketball tournament!

Nikola Mirotic (6'10 F/C 1991) Draft pick of the Chicago Bulls 2011 NBA Draft

Nikola dominated with a great performance the FIBA European U20 A Division basketball tournament. He put up some amazing numbers 27ppg 10rpbg 1.4aspg 1.4 bpg and he shot over 60% from two point range, 40% from three point range, 85% from the free throw line. Amazing stats but at the same time he dominated the tournament and was MVP. By far Nikola was the best player in a tournament loaded with young European talent that will dominate Europe for years to come. Included in that performance was strong games against the best youth competition in Europe. Nikola dominated in such a way that it makes it clear he can play in the NBA for a long time to come.
Nikola was the 6th man on a dominating team as a 20 year old, a hard thing to accomplish at such a young age. He no doubt will take on a bigger role this year with his Spanish league team. He recently signed a 6 year contract with his team but has a reasonable buyout after two, which I then expect him to come and play a significant role with the Chicago Bulls. I hope he gets the chance to meet and work with the young Bulls before then, specifically Derrick Rose. He can benefit greatly from Derricks talent and no doubt that Derrick will benefit from playing with a player of Nikola's size and skill set.
Nikola has without a doubt a lot more in common with Toni Kukoc than with Chicago Bulls bust draft picks Dalibor Bagaric, Dragan Tarlach and Roberto Duenes. I expect Nikola to be a special player in the NBA for a long time once he joins the league. He will get some wide open looks playing with a player of Derrick Rose's ability and today would be possibly the best shooter on the team outside of Kyle Korver.

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