Saturday, August 13, 2011

Were are they now? Bosnian basketball U16 2008 recap

This was a disappointing group of players from the 2008 team. It was fairly well coached by Goran Sehovac, who went on to coach KK BOSNA ASA during a tumultuous time. The team under achieved, or so we thought at the time but looking back this was not a very good team. On top of that they played a lot of bad players big minutes over more qualified players...

Nebojsa Maksimovic PG Starting to move into the rotation for a below average KK Celik Zenica team. He can run a offense a bit, but is a poor shooter and is weak physically.

Filip Petrovic SF A mystery why this the team wasn't built around him, clearly the best shooter on the team. He didn't get the minutes he deserves and is now with Union Olympia Ljubiljana, a team that maximizes talent vs budget of any team in Europe.

Adis Drina F He really was the best player on the team in the tournament, a glue guy who had the upside of a Dragisa Drobnjak. He did a lot of the little things to help the team, without being a focus of the team. He hasn't really developed, isn't tall enough or athletic enough to have a real European career, too bad I loved his energy and focus.

Dino Begagic SG/SF Started for the Bosnia U20 team this summer, also plays regular minutes for KK CELIK ZENICA. He has a good 3point shot and decent size. Needs to continue to work hard to have a career in a European league besides his own.

Djordje Micic SF A genuine talent who has underachieved so far in his career. He hardly played with his Bosnian U16 team. He then announced he would switch to a Serbian team, even though they showed little interest in him. He now plays in Slovenia but has played terribly so far. He may adjust to the level of competition and have a good career but so far hasn't put in the time to improve his game. The next two years will be critical to see were he ends up. Bosnia's U20 team could have really of used him this year.

Ernad Mujic PF/C A focal point in the youth movement going on in KK BOSNA ASA, it is puzzling as he really isn't very talented. He played poorly for Bosnia's U20 team this summer and doesn't look like he will have a very good career internationally. He is a decent role player, a poor mans Edin Bavcic maybe...

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