Friday, August 12, 2011

BOSNIA Milorad Dodik: Republika Srpska does not have a benefit from BiH

“It is not realistic to expect the forming of new BiH Council of Ministers in September this year”, said RS President, Milorad Dodik.

“However, it is possible to form it by September next year”, stated Dodik.

He reiterated the stance that the post of Chairman of BiH Council of Ministers and another two ministries belonged to legitimate representatives of Croats, and that the RS expected four ministries, one of which is the Ministry of Foreign.

He announced a meeting of SNSD and SDS leaderships for beginning of September, regarding the common policy at the state level.

He pointed out that RS was dissatisfied with its position in BiH, due to which he will present to RS NA in September an information on how much RS is losing because of BiH.

"We do not have the benefit from BiH for a long time. Our economy suffers because of BiH and we are at loss. We will go before the parliament in September and say how much such BiH costs RS financially, and that we do not need it. We think we do not need that and we'll prove it on our account”, Dodik said at a press conference in Banja Luka.

He stressed that RS would open its representative office in Sarajevo. As reasons for that he stated the improvement of the position of Serbs in the Federation BiH, unresolved debts of FBiH towards RS, and debt of about 600 million BAM on behalf of pensioners who earned their pensions at the territory of Federation BiH and they live now in RS.

Dodik reiterated that RS would not allow the increase of budget of BiH state institutions, and that this budget must be reduced by 18% or 20%. He also pointed out that RS would not accept some of the IPA projects that require the transfer of competences.

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