Wednesday, January 11, 2012

(11) Bosnia twenty years later a story from Sarajevo

 Where were when you realize that war is inevitable?
 In the Sahara, Algeria.

  Do you remember where you've been with the beginning of the war?
 In Sarajevo.

 Where were you when the war spread and your city?
 In Sarajevo.

  Most memorable moments of the war for you was .?
 My marriage.

  What you most contributed to the hopelessness of war?
 Islamization of the Army of BiH.

  What gave you hope during the war?
 Multi-ethnic Sarajevo.

 7th Have you lost someone close to war?

 8th Have you been injured during the war?
 I was not.

 9th What was your greatest losses during the war?
 Check out of a friend.

  10th What was the most difficult period during the war?
 There is no difference, the whole war.

 11th Are you leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war?
 I do not.

 12th After 19 years since the war began, what is your opinion about everything that happened?
  I have the same opinion. The idea of Great Serbia and Great Croatian, later Islamization of the Army of R BiH also polarization of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, not caring for the common man and his destiny.

 13th Are things better or worse than what you might have expected 19 years ago?
 Incomparably worse,  I am an optimist and I expected that people in Bosnia, thanks to the anti-fascist experience during World War II, draw lessons and to rebuild the country according to law, democracy and social security.

 14th I believe that I'd be back in the war?
 I do not.

 15th What future is predicted for BH?
 I do not anticipate, but I know that BiH will be a wonderful country to live; the only question is whether it happens in this or any other century. I believe the younger generation, and recent changes.

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