Thursday, January 5, 2012

(5) Bosnia twenty years later a man from Zavidovici


Were  where you when you realized that war was inevitable?
In the town where I grew up in Zavidovici, where I worked as a post-secondary schools enrolled in the Faculty of Political Sciences Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo,  should I go serve the JNA - Yugoslav People's Army (which was becoming Serbian army as Slovenes, Croats, Bosnians, Kosovars had mostly left the army) , and in Croatia, which was already at war.

 Do you remember where you were from the beginning of the war?The first war years I spent in residence, in Zavidovici. I worked on local radio.

 Most memorable moments of the war for you was?
30.6.1993. when I, together with several thousand people just like scenes from movies that I have seen, in a column I was taken to the concentration camp.

What is your opinion about everything that happened?

Same as the first day. Non-humans have launched a war against the people. The goal was ethnic cleansing, was the persecution and plunder. The worst is yet to come, to top it all off.  

Are things better or worse than what you might have expected 19 years ago?
Even worse, when the war started I was hoping that it will be better than you care about. Today it is an advantage to not only shoots, but every day you can expect evil and suffering. You may feel the hopelessness and greater pessimistic today than in 1992. and 1995th When the war began.Do you believe that war will return?
Difficult but not impossible. A few years ago I was convinced that he will not, but the departure of the international community worries me. I am more secure while they were strangers here.15th What future is predicted for BH?

is uncertain. As I said, I am a pessimist higher than in November 1995. When he signed the Dayton agreement.

Did you leave Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war?

 No, not in 19 years after the war began.

What was your greatest losses during the war?

The loss of parents, the camp. Father died 27.5. 1993, and 20 days after I had finished in the camp, 24.06. to 07.11. 1993

What was the most difficult period during the war?
Have you been injured during the war?

uring my stay in the camp I suffered severe fractures and light injuries by firearms.

Have you lost someone close, during to war?

father was killed as a civilian, took a break in the company workplace to go to buy drugs from a chemist's mother. He was killed in the line of people waiting to open a pharmacy

.What gave you hope during the war?

The fact that every war that has a beginning must have an end.

What most contributed to the hopelessness of war?

The situation that you are guilty just because of the name, nationality, friends who treated you as sub-human, or people I knew. Also, the lack of water, food, and constant danger every day to run out that someone you knew until yesterday was trying to kill you.

 Where were you when the war spread and your city?

The war did not come to my city, but I am literally at war. Thus, since the war began my city Zavidovici was shelled, Vonić was my town, but the war lines were miles out of town.However, 24 June 1993. I took on the task in a hotel in Zepce 12 km away Zepcu at a press conference where I went in that day, at 9 am literally in the conflict between HVO and the Army began.

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