Sunday, January 15, 2012

(15) Bosnia twenty years later a story from Bijeljina

1) Do you remember where were you when you realized the war was imminent? Bijeljina,Bih

2) Do you remember where you were when the war broke out? Bijeljina,Bih

3) Where were you when the war came to your town? At home,Bijeljina, I remember my dad telling me,no school today.

4) The most memorable event of the war for you was? Serbs,showing up at our home telling us to leave or get killed

5) What made you hopeless during the war? I was only 11 at that time,at the beginning i had no idea what was going on, also when the Serbs told us to leave our home.

6) What gave you hope during the war? Nothing

7) Did you lose anyone close to you during the war? No

8) Were you wounded during the war? Where were you wounded? No

9) Your biggest loss during the war was? Leaving our home

10) What was the hardest part about the war? Surviving,seeing dead bodies


11) Did you leave the country during the war? Yes,we had to leave,we left on a bus that was heading to Germany,once we got to the border,the Germans did not let us in,because we had no visas,so we slept for 3 nights on the border

12) 20 years later, what do you think of what happened? bad politics

13) Are things better or worse than what you expected 20 years later? things are ok,but still a lot of tension

14) Do you think war will return to BiH? I hope not

15) What do you think the future of BiH will be? not sure yet,but things can not stay the way there are right now

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